Jane Cassidy

Personal Trainer


Claim Your Power.

I'm a personal trainer with over 15 years experience, working with everyone from physical rehabilitation patients to actors and stunt doubles. All of them have the same in common: they're human.

If you think training is torture, you've been doing it wrong. My job is to help people get it right.

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The Keys to Your Results

There are many components to a workout practice, and to benefit completely from your exercise regime, there's more than just lifting weights or doing cardio. I won't just make you do push-ups. My expertise includes physical therapy, nutritional guidance, and optimal muscle gains for those in a rush. Planning a custom workout involves knowledge and experience, which is why you should never expect a simple routine to get you where you want to go.

Weight Loss

Muscle Building

Nutritional Guidance

Motivation & Support


Don't take my word for it.

"Jane has helped me do more stuff. Her help has been vital to fix my back problems and get back to a normal life after my accident. Without her I would not be able to do as much stuff as I do now. Which is a decent amount of stuff."

Julio Ramirez Gonzaga

San Francisco, CA

"After I invented this fake name I then decided that Consuela should be ripped as hell, so I called Jane. No regrets! I can now crush my enemies's skulls and drink the blood from their skulls with ease! Thanks Jane!"

Consuela Bananahammock

New York, NY

"Jane is awesome. Look no further"

- Alyssa, Orlando, FL

"I had given up entirely. Jane was there for every step of the way. She helps you get the job done."

- Michael, San Diego, CA


Get results

The weight is worth the wait.

It's easy to plan for a week, for a month, but then the motivation starts to drop. After all, results take time, and it's easy to get frustrated. I will not work for you, but I'll do it with you.

I know how to get people in shape fast, and how to do it without risking injury or pushing your limits. The gains you see will be the result of the time you choose to invest.

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